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Tenkara is often said to mean "from the skies" in Japanese. Named appropriately for their method of presenting a fly on the water surface with very little, or no part, of the line being visible to the fish.

Tenkara is about simplicity, accuracy and a minimalist approach while being one with nature. Traditionally focused on cold-water streams and rivers, it has been taken and applied to a new geographical area.


Now we're showing others how you can apply the Tenkara way of fishing to the warm water areas of where you live and it's proving to be amazingly effective, regardless of species or time of year.

We are dedicated to all that is Tenkara, but we are focused on bringing a greater awareness to the warm waters of the southern US (and around the world) with the Tenkara way of fishing.  As we move along this journey, all we ask for is input, feedback and patience. We are anglers first and web guys second.


The ultra-portable and minimalist nature of the Tenkara way of fishing is perfect for everyone.

Adults who have never cast a single line, or those who have used spinner and/or open-face reels for years, find Tenkara a simple and natural way to fish. Being so ultra-intuitive, once you have an understanding of the basics, it takes little time to become proficient opening a whole new world of accuracy, control and a connection to fishing unequaled by any other style.


Seniors, and those with physical challenges, are often able to use the Tenkara way of fishing because of the light nature of the rods, the ease of casting and retrieval all without the complicated movements often required when using a reel. There are even modern tools that make it easy to tie on flies and strings for those with limited eyesight or movement. 


Even kids (we've seen as young as 4-5 years old) can easily learn the Tenkara way of fishing allowing them to connect with nature sooner, and enjoy the sport of fishing with little to no difficulty or complications that often arise from using a reel. We've all experienced the frustration of a "bird's nest" created from a fishing line backlash - and that alone could stop their interest in fishing.

Did we mention it also catches fish like crazy or that it's easily stored, light-weight, fits easily into almost any backpack and can adapt to almost any freshwater fish you want to go after? It can truly be fishing for all.

Stream pool

If you're thinking, "...just give me your top 10 tips, point me towards water and I will figure out the rest...", you need to click the button below.



The Tenkara way of fishing being used today is a modern version of the earliest Japanese fly-fishing methods dating back over 400 years. Traditionally, this has been a northern style of fishing used in cold water mountain streams, rivers and ponds. Not anymore.

In the warm waters of the southern US, fly fishing was never a part of the conversation. Well, unless you traveled with your family or came from up north. Most know what it is, but had little interest since it was so similar to what we were doing already. Not to mention the cost! Well, that has all changed and in a big way. With the introduction of the Tenkara way of fishing to the West, it has even reached (and successfully embedded itself) in southern warm water fishing. The idea that you need a high-dollar rod, an even higher dollar reel, and a tacklebox full of insanely priced lures is quickly having to share the spotlight with Tenkara and it's simplified, yet incredibly effective, way of fishing. Even in warm waters. 

Since being introduced to the Tenkara way of fishing only a few years ago, it has quickly become my method of choice when heading out to go fishing. I immediately understood why so many people are hooked (pun intended) after trying Tenkara fishing just one time. From that day I have been a Tenkara evangelist to anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who will listen and spent countless hours gathering knowledge about this incredible way of fishing. In the end, our goal is to ensure an ongoing connection to nature that seems to be so easily lost in our modern world. "What matters more than anything else, is the ability to pass on a continued sense of connection to nature and the desire to focus on skill over technology."

Whether you have been fishing your entire life, or you've never picked up a rod, the Tenkara way of fishing is simple, intuitive and fun. For many who try it for the first time, they feel a connection to nature they have not felt before because of the opportunity to be present in all that you are doing. Without the complexity and added focus needed when using a reel, you're allowed to be more in the moment than ever before, connected to nature and enjoying the incredible effectiveness of this style of fishing.

Adults Discovering the Tenkara Way

Tenkara Fishing
Tenkara fishing for kids

Kids Discovering the Tenkara Way

When you look at it holistically, Tenkara is a widely accepted and appreciated method of fishing because of its simplicity and minimalism - even in the realm of traditional fly fishing, this provides a better direct connection to nature.


For many, especially children, it’s a simple and intuitive way of fishing without all the complex equipment and learning that often go into traditional fishing. When it comes to the Tenkara way of fishing, the challenges you have are often set by what you want to do, or where you want to go next, but seldom is it the equipment

“Tenkara is the way to go! I have fished fresh water and shallow salt water my entire life, but was looking for a way to simplify gear. It wasn't until I was on a fishing trip with my brother-in-law and he introduced me to Tenkara.


He asked me to set aside my traditional rod and try Tenkara for half a day. He said, "if you don't like it, I won't ask again". After some basic instruction and guidance for casting and catching, he handed me a Tenkara rod, a couple of flies and sent me on my way just down the stream from him. After 8-10 casts, it all fell into place. The rhythm, the accuracy, the fun... especially since I got a hit within minutes - and then caught a 2 lbs bass. From that moment on, the Tenkara way became a staple in my fishing regimen."

Bryan H.




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