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Camp Cooking

Chef Carter likes fishing, hunting, and doing chef stuff.  Normally, we'd have to take him fishing (and maybe offer up some 'drinks' to get him to share his personal recipes, but he loves what we are doing here and wanted to offer his skills for the community.  Just know that he likes his privacy, but we will continue to whatever is necessary to pry recipes out of this man's brain every chance we get.  Honestly, we feel lucky he has shared some of this with us, and we hope you give them a try.

Cooking with Chef Carter

Black-N-Blue(gill) with Basil-Tomato Fondue and River Onions

Quite frequently, the smell of fresh green onions growing along streams, lakes, and riverbeds will permeate the air and become apparent while one is fishing, especially in more secluded areas.


I'll often harvest these young scallions, throw them in my pack, and after giving them a good washing at the house, incorporate them into our catch-meal that night.


This recipe incorporates the river onions with a healthy amount of garlic, tomato, and whole butter to make a super creamy sauce that pairs well with the spicy coating on the fish.

Black-N-Bluegill - Tenkara Way.png
Campfire Meal
Hushfishies with Sweet Chili Sauce - Tenkara Way.png

Hushfishies with Sweet Chili Sauce

I don't even know what to day about this one... except it's freaking amazing. It's a great twist on hushpuppies and what a perfect, and fun food for the kids.


Straight forward and easy to make, just follow the lead of Chef Carter and you will see why this is one of my favorites.


Pop'em while they're hot!

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