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Tenkara Fishing Your Complete Guide to Everything
“There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.”
- Washington Irvin


Paring it back to just a rod, line, and fly, the Tenkara way of fishing takes fishing back to basics and gives you a greater connection with the fish on the end of your line.


Whether you’re a complete beginner with fishing in general, an experienced fly fisherman or a spinner and open face rod and reel kind of angler going after largemouth, if you're looking to try something new, the Tenkara way my be your next challenge.


Here’s our our complete guide to bring you up to speed on the Tenkara way of fishing. From the gear you’ll need to the best tips, and techniques, we have you covered.

Tenkara Basics

Being so ultra-intuitive, once you have an understanding of the basics, it takes little time to become proficient opening a whole new world of accuracy, control and a connection to fishing unequaled by any other style.

Tenkara Advanced Techniques Coming Soon

Advanced Techniques

Like a sunrise on a great day of fishing, look for this to be coming soon.

Tenkara Way Kids Fishing

Children can easily learn the Tenkara way of fishing allowing them to connect with nature sooner, and enjoy the sport of fishing with little to no difficulty or complications that often arise from using a reel.

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