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I had one of those moments that I wanted to share. We had a bit of a cold snap here in Southeast Texas recently and I decided I was going to get out and do a little carp fishing in the cold. I was hoping to mark it off my species list for this year.

As an added bonus, Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) stocks rainbows in local ponds at the beginning of winter time here in South Texas and felt like, if nothing else, I would grab some little rainbows. Either way I was fishing, so I was going to be happy.

Just as I was heading out, I remembered a pair of cold-weather fishing gloves I had purchased a number of years ago. When originally purchased them, I was still a rod and reel fishing guy and I didn't like having to deal with all the line management and the gloves. If I left them on, it couldn't effectively manage the reel or line, and if I took them off my hands were freezing cold. So, I thought I would give them another try since with the Tenkara way of fishing there are no reel problems.

Once I got out there and set up, I found with Tenkara, I just leave my gloves on until I get ready to change a fly - if I ever do. It was so nice. With no line tangles, reel problems or need to constantly switch bait, I actually got to leave them on 90% of the time and keep my hands warm.

I just thought I would share "that" moment and what I see as another bonus for Tenkara fishing. So, stick those hands in some warm gloves and get out there and tighten a line.

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