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Great People doing Great Things

I wanted to take a quick second to call out a great program and some wonderful people who are dedicated to the legacy of fishing. I attended a fishing instructor certification program put on by Texas Parks and Wildlife in conjunction with the organization, Fishing's Future ( and KatyISD.

There is no way I can do justice to all the amazing things this program does, but I would urge everyone to go check it out and get involved. It is all about education and enrichment for kids and adults when it comes to the sport of fishing.

The program I attended and was certified for focuses on being able to educate children about fishing. This includes basic laws, do's and don'ts, knot tying, fish species recognition and understanding, casting and angler responsibility to the environment.

If you have any opportunity to be a part of this program, or any other program like it, reach out, volunteer and make a difference. The kids will appreciate it. The program will appreciate it. And you will definitely appreciate it.

Much respect to these folks and thank you for all you do! Keep up the great work and I look forward to working/volunteering with you for years to come.


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