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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

I try to convince everybody that I know (and even those I don't) to try Tenkara fishing. Often, the first questions are around fly fishing for largemouth bass.

So, I want to end this stigma here, if I can, with facts- based on my opinion (yes that's sarcasm if you can't tell). I have found that you don't have to throw big, huge, noisy, loud baits to catch really decent, and sometimes big, largemouth bass.

Through the years, I have thrown size 8 and size 10 wooly buggers and poppers, in multiple colors. I would say I've been pretty consistent in catching bass every trip out. I'm not catching 3 to 5lb bass everyday, but I would say that in 10 or 12 outings, approximately, I've caught my personal best bass, which probably weighed about 4 and 1/2 lbs., and 5 or 6 Bass that were in the 2 to 4 lb range. Also, caught 8, 1 to 2lb. Crappie, and have been busted by at least three large, Golden Water Rockets(Carp). Tenkara isn't specifically made to throw a larger fly, but with the right fusion line it does make it a bit easier and a little less snappy. Each rod will be a bit different and from what I found, is really about personal preference.

I've worked buggers like streamers. I've bumped them off the bottom. I have pulled them across the bottom like crawdads or mudding minnows. There doesn't seem to be one way, you just have to put it in front of their face and be slow, and deliberate in your delivery. The same with poppers, You just need to try to entice them with what you got. This is why they call it fishing! The fly in the Tenkara system is supposed to be a general representation, try to keep that in mind when choosing flies.

You can catch large fish with this system and a lot of fish in between. It can be a great time! This makes for a lot of what I like to call fun. If you like fun, you might want to consider Tenkara as a small piece of your fishing game or exchange with your go to rod or system. If you don't like fun, I know someone with a set of studded whips you should call.

Note: If you are a bait fisherman and you need to grab some live bait to float for your bass and catfish needs. There may be nothing more fun than fishing for some bluegill bait on a lightweight set-up. Just head to your favorite bluegill spot and break out your Tenkara rod for a good time catching bait!!! Just a tip....crappie are even more fun!!! Just get out there and tighten a line!


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