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Hi all. I grew up in Texas and Northern Georgia and I have always spent a lot of time outdoors backpacking and fishing; both freshwater and saltwater.

I have been a quality assurance inspector in the Southeast Texas area for the last 22 years. I live with my wife Carolyn and daughter Harper just south of Houston.

I have traveled extensively throughout the continental US and parts of Europe and have fished as much of it as I can everywhere I have traveled.

Whether it was spin cast, bait cast, handline, trot line, it made no difference. I enjoy fishing and being outdoors enjoying nature. It has been the single pursuit that has stayed with me my entire life.

So now, in a very short amount of time, Tenkara has become my preferred way to fish, yes even down here in the south with warm waters. I've found so many rewards in this pursuit that I share it with anyone who will listen and I hope you can too.

Stay tuned (and patient) as my buddy and I bring you everything we can about warm water (and sometimes cold water) Tenkara fishing.

Just get out there and tighten a line.


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