Hey all you preppers out there, what type of fishing gear do you have in your bugout bag? If you don't have one, or you're planning on taking a full sized rod and reel with limited space to keep it, I am here to offer you a better alternative.

Tenkara rods and the Tenkara way of fishing has long been a favorite of backpackers, trekkers and day trippers as functional piece of equipment you can keep as part of your survival gear for any outdoor outing.

Let's start with the fact that it's a super lightweight, easy to breakdown and clean. Or the fact they make rods as small as 5ft that pack down into about 8 inches to easily fit in any bag. And when you couple that with the small amount of room needed for flies and extra line, there is almost no impact on space at all. You also remove the need to worry about mechanical issues with no reel problems. Casting is intuitive, catching is easy and this is all handled on a rod not relying on moving mechanical pieces. BTW, did I mention it is incredibly effective at catching fish in cold or warm water.

When prepping, smart decisions are imperative and this can add one more amazing tool in your bag often at one helluva bargain price. So get out there and tighten a line - even while prepping!


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