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So let's talk real for a little bit. I know I've written a few blog posts throughout the year and I talk about why I prefer fishing the Tenkara way above all others for warm water species, but I almost felt like the discussion in the description of "why" throughout all of them is really incomplete without talking about the challenge and how that brings it all together for me.

So if you've read on multiple websites or looked up any information on Tenkara, you'll find that it's a very simplistic, minimalistic form of fishing that evolved in Japan. We've also discussed Tenkara fly patterns a bit. How they're meant to be general impressions which could mean they could convince a fish that they could be one of a number of bugs that that fish is used to seeing. I do like all of that but that's not the complete reason.

There's a portion of this that involves locating where you think fish might be or are certain they are there and then presenting them with something that they might eat. So it's almost like a hunt and in the warm waters of Southeast Texas you never know what's going to take that fly so you have to be prepared for a bluegill or a 4lb bass. So there's the surprise of it and there's also the stalk.

I think the final description or reason would have to be the fact that I know I'm coming into the fight with minimal gear that may or may not be able to handle the size fish that decides to take the fly. After all the majority of this equipment is made from catching trout. So is the part where I have to rely more on my skill and the feel of whatever fish is on the end of the line. And it's different with every take.

Personally for me I kind of feel like all the other forms of fishing that I've tried there's a certain level of autopilot that comes into play. My wife likes to say I'm a typical Gemini, and I never believed that was true. I do have quite a bit of hobbies and I have to try to focus a few for financial reasons as well as time reasons making sure I don't owe their load myself with a hobby. I have always liked to challenge myself whether it was in sports or professionally, and this kind of gives me the complete satisfaction of all fronts. Every time out is different, and every time out has its challenges that have to be thoughtfully overcome. (Maybe my wife is right!)

One thing that's common throughout all of my outings is the enjoyment, the peace and the ability to find beauty and happiness. Maybe it's not the fish I am after? Having the opportunity to find the rhythm of the place and try to blend into that rhythm. The ability and opportunity to have that is pretty damn amazing. So get out there and tighten a line.


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